Skyline Spacious Apartments Kottayam

Skyline Spacious Apartments in Kottayam For Your Big Family

Do you dream of living with your loved one? Having a close-knit extended family? The real questions are, where to find a well-planned and spacious apartment and which is the best place to invest your hard-earned money.
Kottayam is the Akshara Nagari (City of letters/alphabet) of Kerala and rightly called so. Located in the southern central part of Kerala, the city is the centre for spices (cardamom and pepper) and commercial crops (rubber). With over 3 major print and publications houses, Malayala Manorama, Mangalam, DC Books(the largest publisher in Kerala) and Deepika having their headquarters in Kottayam it definitely rises up to its name.
Education is something one needs to consider when looking for a place to settle down. Kottayam has several great educational institutions functioning out of the city and on the outskirts. Prominent institutions like Mahatma Gandhi University, Rubber Research Institute of India and Government Medical College are situated in Kottayam.
Ilaveezhapoonchira, Vembanad Lake and the tourism capital of Kottayam, Kumarakom adds to the charm of the city. With art, literature, and nature coexisting in great harmony, Kottayam comes out as a great choice while deliberating the ideas of getting a house of your own.

Few things to consider while planning a home in Kottayam

  1. Kottayam is a perfect location to settle down – with myriad options of wonderful place and great housing projects, you have a lot to choose from. Do your research and fix the place according to your priorities.
  2. To buy or to invest – Kottayam has the best of both worlds. The place offers a very calm and quiet environment also it all the social facilities that modern life needs. Kottayam also has a high potential for appreciation. Skyline offers various housing options like luxury villas and apartments in prime locations of the city. Based on your plan you can choose your best address from Skyline Builders.
  3. Connectivity – Whether you choose to buy or rent it out, the prime focus area should be the connectivity to amenities and facilities like educational institutions, healthcare institutions and places of worship. All Skyline projects are situated in the prime locations of Kottayam.
  4. Track record of the builder: Choose a home builder with good experience and credibility in the real sector. Before buying you should check the construction expertise of the builder and their years of existence. This will give you an idea of the type of projects, quality of construction specifications etc. Skyline Builders has the track record in delivering best homes in Kerala.

Why Skyline Builders?

Skyline builder is the trusted name for over 30 years. Choose Skyline if you are looking for a builder whom you can blindly rely upon because they would choose the right location and construct your perfect home. Skyline Builders take pride in providing an impeccable commitment to each one of their projects. If you are an NRI, look no further as Skyline is in a separate class altogether when it comes to providing a living space with International Standards. The ideology of Skyline is “From our family to yours”.

Skyline Luxury Apartments in Kottayam

With two major luxury apartments in Kottayam, Rhythm and Pearl, Skyline is on top of the list in the real estate scenario of Kottayam.
Skyline Rhythm – It is a 2 BHK and 3 BHK luxurious flats with a lush green surrounding and a beautifully serene landscape. Located at Devalokam, the literal meaning being heaven, Rhythm’s available amenities make it stay true to its name. Skyline Rhythm 56 flats in a 15 floors high-rise single tower.
Skyline Rhythm Kottayam
A well thought out design ensures maximum space and natural light to each apartment that perfectly fit your taste and your budget. What is more impressive is the excellent interiors and spectacular view from the apartments.
Facilities provided in Skyline Rhythm includes a fully-equipped fitness centre, swimming pool, kid’s pool, Air-conditioned recreation hall, pool deck party area, and many more exciting amenities to ensure your days at Skyline enjoyable.
Skyline Pearl – It is an exclusive 3BHK apartment project located at the heart of Kottayam, Kanjikkuzhy. It is very close to Mount Carmel School hypermarkets, hospitals, banks, and ATMs.
Skyline Pearl Kottayam

Owning a second home

Benefits of Owning a Second Home

Though there are choices galore for investment, buying a second home has emerged as one of the lucrative financial options. Real estate sector is a favourite of investors for its twin benefit of rental income and a high potential for value appreciation. Hence, owning a second home is a recommended option to secure your future.

Listed below are the few benefits of having a second home:

Steady rental income

One of the most obvious benefits of buying a second home is its steady rental income. The rental yield on a second home depends upon the category, the location and possibility of renting out the vacant units. If you are buying a home from Skyline Builders, who gives utmost importance to location, locality, amenities, etc. the potential for rental income is high. 


A second home can be considered as a safe investment for your future and emergencies. Real estate has the potential for value appreciation over a long period.  But before investing in a second home, check the credibility of the home builder. If you are investing with Skyline Builders, you can easily find your second home in most sought after location with easy accessibility, proximity to all major convenience, serene and environment-friendly atmosphere. Skyline projects have recorded steady value appreciation

Skyline Builders has an impeccable track record of value appreciation. For instance, if you had invested 12 lakhs at the time of launch in Skyline Springfield Villas, Kochi, it would have appreciated to 2 crores now. To see the value appreciation of each project across Kerala click the link here

At Skyline Builders, our dedicated Home Care Department provides, rental and resale services exclusive for our customers. The Home Care Department will arrange appropriate tenants and high-value rentals for the homeowners, while our highly skilled professionals help in getting the best deal for the property.

Also read, Major Financial Benefits of Buying Home at a Young Age

 Income tax benefit

If you are buying a second home on a home loan, you are eligible to avail tax deductions on it. Under section 80C, the principal amount repaid up to Rs. 1.5 lakh will be deductible. Additionally, you can get a tax deduction up to Rs 2 lakh, on the interest component. 

Holiday home/ Retirement home  

Second-home can be used as either be a holiday or retirement home. If you are buying your second from a prominent builder, you will get a plethora of luxury amenities like swimming pool, games room, fitness centre, spa etc. that helps you to rejuvenate. Skyline Builders provides luxury amenities in all its projects. To see the details of luxury amenities of all ongoing projects, visit our website,


benefits of buying home at a young age (2)

Five Major Financial Benefits of Buying a Home at a Young Age 

What is the ideal age for buying a home? Buying an appreciating asset like home is one of the biggest investments when compared to other purchases. Earlier the investment, the higher will be the opportunity for potential returns. If you are planning to buy a home early in your career, here are the benefits.  

Longer home-loan tenure 

EMIs for home loans are calculated based on the loan amount, tenure and interest of the loan. For longer home loan tenure, the EMIs calculated will be lower. Also, young borrowers can get a home loan with tenure of 25 to 30 years. Moreover, it gives youngsters enough time to choose the best home rates available in the market. 


Young borrowers are eligible for higher home loans. The lending bank will examine salary certificates, CIBIL score, credit history, age, liabilities and similar other parameters. Also, the eligibility for home loans depends on the income and repayment capability of the borrower. The expenditure pattern and other liabilities are comparatively less with young borrowers. 

Tax benefit 

 Home being an appreciating asset, investing in it is a more sensible option than paying monthly rent. By repaying the loan, homebuyers can claim tax benefit, which gives a financial advantage. Under Section 24 of the Income Tax Act, you can claim up to Rs 2 lakh per financial year on the interest paid on your home loan. And under Section 80C, you can claim up to Rs 1.5 lakh per financial year on the principal repaid.

 High Return on Investment

It is a proven fact that the value of real estate investment will increase over time. For example, the launch price of Skyline Springfield Villa at Cochin was Rs. 12 lakh, it has now appreciated to Rs. 2.1 crore.

Financial discipline 

Above all, a young buyer will be financially disciplined. He will learn how to save and spend his hard-earned money wisely and effectively. It will give him a sense of responsibility.  


Different types of Home loans in Kerala - Skyline Builders

Different types of Home loans in Kerala

As the famous quote goes “home is not a place, it’s a feeling”. Once you have decided to put down your roots in your favourite city or your hometown, owning your dream home always remains the key milestone.

So what do you think are factors that provide more financial independence to the home seekers to make their dream a reality? Can the increased per capita income post IT revolution and dual-income alone equip them? Well, we all know that the answer is ‘No’.

Home loans are the superheroes that have come to your rescue. Home loans give the homebuyers more purchasing power with sufficient extra funds to make one of their biggest financial decisions.

Various banks and financial societies have come up with different types of home loans in Kerala to cater to the various requirements of different homebuyers. Knowledge of different types of home loans helps one to choose the best fit for them.

The different types of home loans are:

Home purchase loans

Home purchase loans or home loans are the loans offered to individuals for purchasing a new home or pre-owned home. Different banks and financial societies provide different interest rates, normally ranging from 8.5% to 9% for home loans. Some offer a fixed or floating interest rate, which gives us the flexibility to choose according to our regular and fluctuating income sources. In most cases, home loans are offered to buy ready to move-in, under construction or undergoing restoration and extension properties.

Skyline Builders with 147 projects across Kerala have partnered with prominent banks like HDFC, SBI, ICICI, Axis, Federal, Canara Bank and Corporation Bank to make it convenient and easy approval for their buyers.

NRI home loans

NRI Home loans are specifically designed to cater to the Non-Resident Indians who are interested in buying their dream apartments in Kerala. This loan is a variant of home loans with a few add-on procedures, documentation and formalities. NRIs who are employed abroad for more than six months can avail NRI home loan.

Balance Transfer Loans

Also known as ‘take over loans’, this loan offers the applicants the flexibility to change his/her home loan from one bank to another for many reasons which include dissatisfaction with the current loan provider, lower interest rates or services by other banks etc.

Home improvement loans

Home improvement or renovation loans are availed by those who already own a house, but require extra funds for interior and exterior renovations. The renovations and repair works include internal and external painting, electrical work, water-proofing etc.

Home construction loans

This type of loans caters to applicants who want to construct a house on a plot owned or co-owned by them. Home construction loans are approved based on the rough estimate of your home construction cost. There are certain prerequisites to get the approval for this loan.

The plot or land should have been bought or transferred to the applicant’s name within a year.
The documents required to be submitted for this loan includes the sales deed, approved building plan, and NOC from the respective authority. Banks have the authority to freeze the loan amount in case of any change in the submitted plan or any violation of the law.

Land purchase loans

Land Purchase loans or plot loans are offered to individuals who want to buy land or plot for residential construction.


As someone searching for a new home, you sometimes have an overwhelming amount of options. Umpteen locations, hundreds of builders and developers, and thousands of home options to choose from. There is so much to look at, sift through and decide. Here are ten pitfalls you may fall into.

1. Not doing your homework

Always keep the old maxim in mind: ‘knowledge is power.’ Nowhere is this truer than in real estate.

A lot of things can affect a home’s value. It is primarily location; then comes the design, amenities, the credentials of the builder, and of course the price.

It is imperative that you do your homework before you start.
With all of the information available through friends, advertisements, on the internet, and online social media, there is really no excuse for entering the process ill-prepared.

2. Trying to make a shrewd investment

Someone from your friendship circle might have made a fortune by investing and selling it at a most opportune time on completion. But, you should bet your hard-earned money only on feasible projects, trusted builders, and without any bias on minting money as you wish. Your motivation for buying a new home should be either to meet your family’s need or as a proud possession for your kids in the future.

If a home doesn’t appeal to you, then chances are others won’t like it too.

But if you choose a neighbourhood where you want to live, choose a home that matches your aspirations and a builder who has a track record in executing quality projects on time, you won’t go wrong. Otherwise, if you want to be known as a shrewd investor, wait at least three to five years before selling.

3. Choosing a poor location

At last, you found your dream home! It is close to good schools, commuting made easy with good road and access to public transport, the elevation looks stunning in the picture, the floor plans suit your family needs, and the price seems to be right.
The few drawbacks include that the locality is slightly notorious, there are some perennial water, and power shortages and the vehicular traffic and noise levels are a bit high. Walk away. Nothing spoils life and resale value like a poor location. The crime rates will rise higher, and the traffic will only get louder and more frequent. Not to say of other infrastructural deficiencies.

4. Overlooking an inferior floor plan for an attractive exterior

The frills and fancies on the elevation or the grandeur of the gate cannot compensate for a poor floor plan or inferior space layouts.

If this doesn’t continue after you open the door, there you’ve got a problem that will be difficult to unload. You want a place that makes home-coming the best part of your day.
It ought to have a layout that makes your family feel comfortable, one that responds to the way you live today– open, friendly and functional.

5. Not considering how your family wants to live

You have a mental picture of your dream home you cherished for long. You have seen homes in movies and in designer magazines and on the internet.

These images seldom fit the way you really live.

Your home needs to fit your family. Your comfort and happiness depend on how well you can judge that fit.
While buying a home, you need to think about the kind of neighbours you will be having. Always go for a project that offers you a host of amenities that keeps your leisure hours refreshing and rejuvenating.

6. Not having the home properly inspected

When you find your dream home, it is very important to look over the property. Right from the location and neighbourhood to the quality and workmanship of the materials, you should have a hawk’s eye.

You need to go through the quality of the design, the endurance value of the structure and the services ensured by the builder etc. The most reliable method is to trust a professional builder and visit their past projects, check their track record on delivery etc.

7. Failing to check the builder’s reputation

When you search for a new home, you will probably have a preference for location and you would eventually shortlist a number of builders who have projects there.
Rather than making an emotional choice of location, you should be rational. You should look at your proximity to urban conveniences and the development potential.

Look for a home design that appeals to you. Once you have narrowed your search to projects and builders, take a hard look at the builders.
How long have they been in business? How many homes have they sold? What do their homeowners think of them? How many homeowners would buy from the same builder again? What industry recognition have they received? Do they have dedicated departments for Customer Care and After Sales Service?
If you get answers to these questions, then you can easily decide to buy.

8. Not getting what you want because you are impatient

There are a lot of things you can rush into and recover from later. But this does not include buying a new home. The single largest investment most of you ever make is a home. It requires an enormous amount of energy, effort and research. It takes time to do it right.

You need time to do your homework. You have got schools to check for children’s admission, home finance to shop for; neighbourhoods to match your status and above all, you need to check the builders’ reputation. A professional builder has a reputation for safeguarding. Go for the builder rather than the project features. Most probably one will be having the right project at the right location if you wait a little longer.

9. Buy low. Sell high.

Here is the best advice about when to buy a home. There is no time like the present. Who can predict the future? The best we can do is to learn from the past.

History shows that those who purchased home and kept them for a few years did better than those who didn’t. Will interest rates be lower on home finance someday? Maybe not. Will home prices ever be significantly lower? Probably never.

10. And the biggest home-buying mistake… postpone it indefinitely.

Not buying at all. No place to call your own home. No control over your earnings and savings.

No social security or status to fall back on. No value appreciation of your assets. No place to show off to your friends and relatives. You will remain only a dreamer without a dream home.

Now is the best time for NRIs to invest in Kerala Real Estate

With good governance, the booming IT industry, generating significant job opportunities and growth in the real estate sector has opened avenues for investment in Kerala. With large scale IT hubs –Technopark, Infopark and Cyberpark- and other physical infrastructure such as metro rail, airports, national highways and ports, Kerala has always been the most preferred investment destination for all NRIs.
For real estate, the year 2019 is considered as a smart revival after the implementation of social and economic reforms. This has helped to evolve and shape the real estate sector in a positive way. Besides all these, there are several other factors that make real estate an attractive investment option for NRIs.
There is a fast-paced infrastructural development in Kerala including the Tier-II cities and its suburban areas making the location highly potential for appreciation. For NRIs, investing in real estate will be a smart move.
Another attractive factor for NRIs to invest in real estate is its return on investment. Comparing to other investments, returns from real estate property are high. Residential properties in prime locations across Kerala offer good and constant rental yields as well as potential capital appreciation.
The easy availability of home loans for NRIs is a key attraction to invest them in the residential sector. They can avail a home loan up to 80% of the value of the property from any RBI approved banks. Repayment can be done through inward remittances, debit to an NRE/NRO account. If they are earning rental income, this can also be used to repay the loan amount.
The new regulatory reforms undertaken by the government such as RERA, GST, etc has brought transparency and accountability that help to make the real estate sector more streamlined. This has created a win-win situation for real investors.
Kerala real estate market has turned out to be one of the most attractive investment options for NRIs and residents alike. For those NRI who are considering to buy property, this is the best time to invest in Kerala real estate.

Factors you should consider before choosing a home builder

Choosing the right builder plays a vital role while buying your dream home. Here are some essential factors you need to check while choosing the right builder.

1. Check the track record of the builder

Choose a builder with good experience and valid track record. It is vital to check the construction expertise of the builder and their years of existence in this field.  This will help you understand the type of projects they have, quality of construction, specifications, on-time delivery and the latest technology they implemented for construction.

2. Post Sales Services

Before signing the agreement, it is important to check the post-sales services of the builder. Ideally, you can avail the service of post-sales from the moment you book an apartment with the builder. This includes the periodic updates of the project, helping to select the home loans of your choice, maintenance of the delivered till the formation of the resident association.

3. Visit the completed project of the builder

Seeing is believing! Visit some of the completed projects of the builder and directly interact with the residents about their experience about the builder. You will get the real picture about the quality of the projects they are delivering, amenities provided inside the project, layout of the project, etc. After visiting the past projects, you can evaluate and validate the claims of the builder.

4. Check the builder’s industry association

Make sure that the builder is a member of reputed builders association like Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India (CREDAI) or Builders Association of India (BAI).  These associations provide certain rules and regulations that are mandatorily followed by the member builders. The builder who violates the rules will be blacklisted.

5. Check the builder’s website and social media

Website of a builder is one of the major resources of information. Check the information such as their current projects, completed projects, location, amenities, upcoming projects, awards, customer testimonials, etc. You can also track the property appreciation of their completed projects.

6. Check the Awards and certifications

A good builder is always bestowed with numerous prestigious awards for their efforts. A builder with ISO 9001 certification indicates that they ensure quality in their projects and services. Also, check the CRISIL grading of the builder.  DA2+ is the highest grading given to any Kerala builder. The builder who constructs environment-friendly green building projects should be a member of the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).

7. Real customer experience

To know real customer experiences you need to interact with a few existing customers of the builder.  A good builder will display their customer experiences on their website and social media platforms.

Guide for NRIs to sell inherited property in India

Many Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) have properties in India which they inherited from their parents or ancestors. Most of the time, they want to liquidate it. For NRIs, who had left India for so many years ago, may not be aware of the procedures of selling the inherited property.
Here are the procedures that an NRI should go through before selling the inherited property.
Step 1: Transfer the title of the property to your own name
The foremost thing you need to do after inheriting the property is transferring the title of the property to your own name. This process can be done by ‘mutation of revenue records’. For this you need to have a copy of the registered will or deed of partition, in case you haven’t possess these, you need to obtain the death certificate and apply for legal heirship.
Step 2: Arrange all the documents
After you got transferred the title of the inherited property, put together all the documents that need to sell the property. Here are the documents you need to sell.
1. Original title deed
2. Encumbrance certificate for the last 30 years
3. Possession certificate
4. Latest land tax receipt
5. Location sketch
6. Prior deed
7. Latest building tax receipt
8. Occupancy certificate
9. Approved plan
10. Id proof and address proof
Before getting into the actual process of sale, you need to identify the sale value of your property. Here you can seek the help a professional firm or you can do it by yourself after researching the market. While selling your residential property, NRIs should aware of the tax implications such as short and long term capital gains. When an immovable property is sold after a period of 2 years of its purchase is taxed at 20.8 percent. For inherited properties, the date of purchase of the original owner is considered for calculating the capital gain.

Documents needed for an NRI to transfer title of an inherited property to his name

A Non-Resident Indian (NRI) can inherit any type of property in India. This includes residential, commercial and agricultural land.
Let’s check out what are the documents required for an NRI to transfer the title of inherited property to his name.

Deed of Partition

If there is a partition deed already executed among the family members who had inherited the property, based on the said deed each individual will get his share. Thereafter each shareholder can get the property mutated in his name
If there is no partition deed among the family members, after the death of parents/ relative the legal heirs will be entitled to get the property. This happens in case parents die intestate (without executing a will). The legal heirs will have to apply for a death certificate of the deceased father/mother. After obtaining the death certificate, application for legal heirship certificate has to be submitted before concerned Taluk office. The Tahasildar after seeking a report from the village office will proceed further and take steps for gazette publication. Based on this legal heirship certificate will be issued to legal heir.
To prove the title, following documents after mutation are required
1.    Land tax
2.    Possession certificate
3.    Encumbrance Certificate for 15 years
4.    Location sketches of the property

 A registered Will

If the parents have already executed a registered will, then based on this will, after the death of executant the property will come to the hands of beneficiaries mentioned in the said will. To prove the title, the death certificate of the executant of will is required.

How NRI investors gain from falling rupee

The Indian rupee has depreciated 14% in value against the US dollars this calendar year. If you are a Non-Resident Indian (NRI) investor then this could be the best time to own a property back in your homeland. The depreciating rupee value against currencies like the dollar, UAE dirham, pound, encourages a large of NRIs to invest in Kerala’s real estate market. Along with the dwindling rupee, the ready to implement RERA (Real Estate Regulation Act) bring in transparency and accountability makes the real estate the investment options for NRI invest. For a US-based NRI who would have got Rs 64 lakh for $100000 just one year back, but today he will fetch Rs. 71 lakh for the same amount which is a big gain. For example, an NRI who pays an EMI of Rs 51,000 on a home loan, his monthly deduction would be $797 in November 2017 and now it will be $718 for the same amount. In effect, he is saving $79 dollars which is equal to an amount of Rs 5609.
Major factors that an NRI should consider before making an investment
• An NRI can buy residential and commercial property in Kerala, but not allowed to buy agricultural lands, farmhouses, and plantations. But he can inherit such properties.
• An NRI should be aware of the builder, its projects, location, financial stability, quality of construction and on-time delivery etc
• Know the property documents related to the property such as the title deed, prior title deeds, latest tax receipts, encumbrance certificate, approved plan, building permit number etc.
• An NRI can avail home loan from any financial institutions registered with the National Housing Bank (NBC). He should hold a bank account in any authorised Indian Bank and make all transactions in Indian currency only. The repayment of loan can be done with NRO/NRE account or FCNR (Foreign Currency Non-Resident) deposits.
• Before investing into real estate an NRI should know that he is qualified for tax benefits. The NRIs can claim tax benefit according to section 80 C of Income Tax Act, 1961. The charges for the processing fee, stamp duty, registration, and municipal tax are applicable for the tax deduction.
• An NRI should know the ROI potential of the property. An NRI can sell or rent his property without constraint.


Skyline Builders Real Estate group offers you Luxury Apartments, Villas, Homes and Flats all across God's own country – Kerala, India. Skyline Builders™ is the #1 Builders in Kerala. Skyline invites you to join our ever-growing community of satisfied customers... into a world where dreams do come true... where unmatched quality goes hand-in-hand with affordable rates... where aesthetic beauty in a clean green environment is coupled with all the essentials for practical living... an investment that is a celebration of your success. The Skyline Group has been in existence since 1980 and Skyline Builders™ is the flagship unit of the group. We provide luxury villas and apartments across Kerala esp. in Kochi (Ernakulam/ Cochin), Thrissur(Thrichur), Trivandrum(Thiruvananthapuram), Kottayam, Kozhikode (Calicut) and Kannur. With the IT boom in full swing, Skyline Builders is providing housing facilities near Infopark-Kakkanad and Technopark- Kazhakkottam.

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