Home!Sweet Home!

This is the time NRIs pack their bags with gifts for their family and friends and restlessly wait to come back home. Home is a universal concept; something that ties humanity together. Old friends, open fields, fresh air, the monsoons and homely food are some of the things every NRI looks forward to catching up on during these visits.In the meantime, in Kerala, the monsoon and mangoes are all set to welcome the NRI homecoming.
A home in one’s native place is often the ultimate dream of almost every Keralite working abroad. This is because it gives them a sense of belonging, to settle down with people whom they have known for generations, who share the same culture and traditions.
Skyline Builders knows exactly what every NRI misses when they leave home. That’s why we have 18 luxury apartment and villa projects across eight cities in Kerala.With an excellent track record for the past 26 years, over 136 luxury apartment and villa projects in 10 major cities across the state and a unique eye for spotting locations that appreciate in a very short period of time and, Skyline Builders is your best investment yet.

Thrissur: The best City to live-in

Often referred to as the cultural capital of Kerala, Thrissur offers great opportunities for investment apart  from the art and festivals that attract multitudes of tourists to the city. Largely self-sufficient, Thrissur has rapidly developed over the past few decades, with social and civic amenities abound, including hospitals, educational and religious institutions and common conveniences.
The headquarters of three major banks, South Indian Bank, Dhanalakshmi Bank and Catholic Syrian Bank are situated in Thrissur. The Infopark located in the suburb of Thrissur brings development and investment to the city.
Thrissur’s proximity to Kochi, Kerala’s commercial capital gives it an edge over others when it comes choosing a home, especially when it comes to NRI’s , who have come back to settle down for good. Being centrally located with lush greenery on all sides, Thrissur makes it to the top few choices of where to set up your home.