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iii) Brand

A successful brand is a promise to clients. It always offers quality, credible, robust products and meets the expectation of its clients. Brand value of every product is built by its own clients. For a real estate builder the aspects like quality construction, providing world-class amenities, after sales department etc., determines its brand value.
Skyline Builders is the strongest residential brand in Kerala with legacy of over 25 years. The home builder is very keen in providing the finest home, better community living, top class amenities, convenient facilities and excellent investment options.  With 131 projects across 10 cities in Kerala, the home builder redefines the skyline of Kerala. Skyline Builders offers to its clients a better lifestyle and high standard of living. This helps the home builder to build a brand of its own with over 6000 happy clients from 51 countries who expressed their satisfaction towards the brand and even recommend it to others.
Skyline Builders as a brand is recognized by its key location of projects, innovative design, business transparency, on-time delivery and trust from its very inception. The After Sales Department of Skyline Builders is a strong post possession service offered to its clients. From rental and resale to maintenance and paying bills, the Home Care Department is at its forefront to assist its clients.
Being a powerful real estate brand in Kerala, projects of Skyline Builders gives a high return on investment for its clients. Skyline is the first home builder in Kerala that launched a high-rise luxury project on the backdrop of backwaters at Marine Drive, Cochin. The location of  Skyline projects always have better connectivity, promote new developments and have a strong local economy etc. The Property appreciation of Skyline Projects in different cities, always gives an astounding appreciation promising a thriving return on investment. For instance, Skyline projects in Cochin, like Skyline Imperial Gardens, Skyline Topaz and Skyline Orion Villas has fetched ROI of 325%, 328% and 727% respectively in a very short period.
The brand value of Skyline Builders helps to rent out the apartment offering a potential return on investment on an annual basis. The projects like Skyline Ivy League in Cochin located near InfoPark and SmartCity and Skyline Domain at Trivandrum near TechnoPark are a source of steady rental income for its homeowners.
Identifying the consistent performance and brand value, Bureau Veritas (agency that gives ISO Certification) grant an ISO certification of 9001-2008 to Skyline Builders. It turned to be the first home builder from Kerala to get a CRISIL rating of DA2. With a built-up area of over 1.3 crore sq.ft, Skyline Builders is the only home builder in Kerala that possesses 131 luxury projects in 10 different cities.
Over 25 years of its existence, the brand name Skyline Builders turned out to be the synonym of a successful home builder in Kerala. By handing over three luxury projects in the first half of 2014, Skyline Highpoint, Skyline Augusta and Skyline Infinity respectively, the brand delivers projects on-time. Simultaneously, four luxury apartment projects are launched in 3 different cities of Kerala showcasing the brand’s indisputable presence. And also few more projects are awaiting for launch in different part of Kerala.

ii) Locality

A good neighbour is a priceless treasure.
Choosing the perfect home to live-in is one of the momentous occasions in your life. Concomitant to this, choosing the best locale to reside is also a prime concern.  In bygone years, it is usual to live-in a locale that you are familiar with.
Precisely you should contemplate every aspect of a locality like connectivity to convenient locations, easy accessibility to facilities like shopping, entertainment alternative, schools, hospitals etc. while choosing your home.  And a point to ponder is about your new neighbours.
If you have children, your top priority will be schools, providing standard education, close to your residence. Skyline Builders has numerous projects having reputed educational institutions to its close vicinity. Projects like Skyline Cambridge, Skyline Campus Heights, Skyline Edge are few to mention.
It is a common trait that job seekers move to a place where there is immense job opportunity. In Kerala, the IT boom leads to major software enclaves like InfoPark in Cochin, TechnoCity in Trivandrum, TechnoPark in Trivandrum and up-coming CyberPark Calicut. The techies, with a hectic schedule with different shifts wish to have a comfortable living environment. Skyline Ivy League, Skyline Domain, Skyline Petal nestles numerous techies. And different other projects in major cities offer a comfortable living environment with better connectivity.
Investing in apartments in a developing locality is a source of steady profit for potential investors.  This will also offer an affirmative response for people who are wishing for rental and resale options. Skyline Builders has a proven track record of having a stunning return on investment of its projects. With over 25 years of legacy in home building, it has redefined the skyline of Kerala with 131 projects across 10 cities. Over 1.3 sq.ft of built-up area Skyline Builders is all set to add more projects in 2014. Over Six thousand clients from 51 countries put their trust in Skyline Builders and walked along with its success.

Advantages of owning a Skyline Home

Every human being nurtures a dream that is his basic instinct, Home! He uses his best imaginative skill to paint his home, uses the best quality raw materials to construct and look for the best address to give. He has a clear picture of his home in his mind, including location, amenities, convenience nearby etc. But in reality, it is difficult to find his dream home. But with Skyline Builders, he will find what he exactly dreamt of.
Skyline Builders with over 25 years in realty industry has a proven track record for on-time delivery, transparency and innovative construction.   Following are some of the advantages of owning a Skyline home:
        I.            Location:
Location is the most important aspect when you are buying a home. The location always complements an upgraded lifestyle. While buying a new home, keep in mind the factors such as proximity to various good schools, supermarkets, shopping, entertainment, hospitals, connectivity and work.
At Skyline Builders, we have 130 luxury projects in 10 major cities across the state giving you the widest range of choice. Every project of Skyline Builders situated within city limits and also offers a rural charm of peace.
Standard Schools are the one of the primary concerns of most of the customers who were looking for a home. Homebuyers, who have children, wish to provide them quality education.  So location with major schools is a priority. All Skyline projects are located in key locations, which are surrounded by top- rated schools. Our two on-going projects at Trivandrum, Skyline Cambridge and Skyline Campus Heights which are very close to the most popular schools in Kerala which give away international standard in  education. Skyline Edge, another on-going project at Thiruvalla is very close to the famous Balikamadom Higher Secondary Residential School.
Major jobs and industries are concentrated in the urban core, so proximity to work is a major concern while buying a home. The boom in IT sector leads to generate more IT related jobs in cities like Cochin and Trivandrum. The first project of Skyline Builders in Trivandrum, Skyline Domain, which is opposite to Technopark nestles numerous techies working in Technopark.  Skyline Brown is another luxury project located at Kakkanad sandwiched between the two major IT hubs of Kerala, Infopark and SmartCity. Skyline Brown shares its boundary with SmartCity. For IT professionals it is a boon to have a luxury project like Ivy League near their working premises.
Entertainment and shopping are the integral part of life. Nobody wants to miss the rapidity of an urban life and tranquility of rural charm. At Skyline Builders you can access all facilities like movie theatres, shopping malls, boutiques, restaurants, etc. Our new launch, Skyline 24 Carat is an epitome of imbibing the life of both urban and rural charm. Facilities like shopping malls, transportation, park, schools, hospitals, church, temples etc are very close to this project.
Location also helps determine your returns on investment. So choosing the right location is a most important decision before buying a home. If you want to rent out your property which is in the right location, it will ensure a steady rental income.  Skyline Builders has a proven track record in rental and resale. The 130 projects by Skyline Builders are situated at key location giving you a desirable appreciation.  In Kochi for example, Skyline Imperial Garden and Skyline Topaz has fetched 308% and 358% property appreciation respectively in a very short period.

My Experience at Skyline Builders -K R VASUDEVAN, Finance Controller

It is an exhilarating experience for me to become the part of Skyline Builders, which tops the realty industry of Kerala. With a humble beginning in 1989 the organisation has gained strength slowly, but steadily.  Within a span of 25 years, Skyline Builders has reached pinnacle of realty sector launching innovative and quality products.
Considering the history of Kerala Real Estate, it is one of the fastest growing sectors of the state which plays a vital role in the overall economic growth. Here, Skyline Builders is one of the pioneers in introducing apartment culture to the state. The home builder has a signature trait of on-time delivery, quality construction and consistent excellence. From Skyline Mansion in 1989, our journey is continuing with 130 luxury apartment projects across 10 cities in Kerala.
The realty sector of Kerala witnessed the mushrooming of real estate builders in the past 25 years, but the survivors in this industry are very few. During its span the Kerala realty faced financial recession twice causing heavy blow to this sector that leads to the shutting down of many reputed residential constructions. For me 25 years in the life of an organisation cannot be considered a long period in financial point of view. But as far the real estate industry is concerned; it is a considerable amount of period, because the industry is witnessing booms and recessions intermittently. Built on the strong foundation of hard work, integrity and adaptability, Skyline Builders is also complemented by an astute management team. Its farsightedness and dexterity in financial planning helped the organization to surpass two major massive recessions during its lifetime.
There are also some challenges like fund constraint, land availability, etc. during the course of the business, but it was cleverly tamed by the visionary management team. Even during the odd market conditions Skyline Builders shows its strong representation all over Kerala.
Our financial planning is based on both short-term and long-term basis and management is taking steps to strengthen it on a continuous basis. The organisation is capable of progressing on internal resources restricting outsourcing of funds to the minimum. We have proven track record that every single property of Skyline Builders has created wealth for its customers through steady appreciation, triggered by ideal location, quality construction and aesthetic architecture.
We have substantial presence in 10 cities across Kerala. With empiricism of 25 years we learned from our mistakes, inspired by our achievements and we are set to go miles ahead.


Skyline Builders Real Estate group offers you Luxury Apartments, Villas, Homes and Flats all across God's own country – Kerala, India. Skyline Builders™ is the #1 Builders in Kerala. Skyline invites you to join our ever-growing community of satisfied customers... into a world where dreams do come true... where unmatched quality goes hand-in-hand with affordable rates... where aesthetic beauty in a clean green environment is coupled with all the essentials for practical living... an investment that is a celebration of your success. The Skyline Group has been in existence since 1980 and Skyline Builders™ is the flagship unit of the group. We provide luxury villas and apartments across Kerala esp. in Kochi (Ernakulam/ Cochin), Thrissur(Thrichur), Trivandrum(Thiruvananthapuram), Kottayam, Kozhikode (Calicut) and Kannur. With the IT boom in full swing, Skyline Builders is providing housing facilities near Infopark-Kakkanad and Technopark- Kazhakkottam.

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